Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Getting on the Same Page
Alex Maxwell Elementary School, Father, Lum Coleman

   Once we had the Parent Teacher Home Visit, the teacher, my children and I all got on the same page. Home is where everything starts.
   During the visits we talked about what I can do as a father to help my girls do better in school. From the Parent Teacher Home Visit I feel like me and the teachers were able to connect on another level. Now, the teachers reach out to me whenever something is going on at school so we can fix it as a group. The support is great. It truly is.  
   They tell me how the girls are doing and how I can help to make sure that they can get the most from school.  The teacher told me that my daughter was getting the value of nickels and dimes confused. I understood because she saw that the nickels are bigger than the dimes. So I made my own little change collection at home and practice with both girls.
   Communication is really the key because if you don’t know what’s going on and if you don’t ask those questions then your kids can be messed up.
   Since the Parent Teacher Home Visits, my daughters have improved their grades. They are both now getting (S+) Satisfactory Plus in school. I think the Parent Teacher Home Visit really influenced that. Now they want to do better. They want to strive more. And they see that this matters to me too.
   From the Parent Teacher Home Visit, I learned firsthand that the teachers really cared. 

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